Physician Services

We offer a variety of services to our patients. Most prominent is providing top notch primary care services. We are affiliated with MDVIP and provide a membership based practice for ages 12 and up. We have on site laboratory services, vision and hearing testing, spirometry, EKG, and body composition testing. We provide referral to area specialists when needed. We provide specialty services involving hazardous material exposure monitoring and we are approved by the FAA for medical certification for all pilots.

Pilots and Student Pilots

Pilots needing medical certification for the FAA will need to provide a complete application through Medical Xpress (John--can you put a link button here?) and undergo a thorough physical exam. Upon successful review of the medical history and completion of the exam, in most cases, a certification can be provided in the office before you leave. Occasionally, further review of information is required at the FAA home office in Oklahoma City, OK. In those cases the application is deferred to the FAA for final consideration and we will advise you of what to expect in the process.

Staff Pledge

My goal is to offer you the best medical experience in Tallahassee--from the moment you step through our door--if not before.

Our staff shares this commitment to excellence not only in providing effective diagnosis and treatment but also in treating you as we would our own family members.